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COURTS   OF   PARIS,   NAPLES,   ETC,                  35

control. The ministers are men of the world and
of character, and therefore fittest for his Majesty's

His advice was taken, and the ministers in-
vited to supper regularly during the confinement of
the King to his own apartment. Upon this the
Count d'Artois went to the ministers and made
them believe it was he who had given the hint of
inviting them to His Majesty. When in the King's
presence, they expressed their sense of obligation
to His Royal Highness, upon which Louis ex-
claimed : " Ce n'est pas lui, c'est ma femme
qui m'en a pri6;" which made him look rather

M. de Carondelet, who has married Miss
Plunket, daughter of Lord Dunsany, is fifty-four,
the lady twenty-four. He is the most passionate
lover ever seen, and cannot bear to be absent from
her a moment; he even sits by her at table. He
calls her " Mirnie," and says he has forgotten all
music except two notes, "Mimi, U," laying his
hand upon his heart. Someone said, " Quand il
mourra, on mettra sur sa tombe Mimi R mi la."
He fell in love with her at Spa by being sent, a
des$ein> to prevail upon her to join a party of
pleasure which she had refused. He stole upon
her unawares and found her reading his travels: